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אנטולוגיה של בעיות שחמט. “Anthology of Chess Problems” מהדורה 2. מק”ט 5014

מק"ט: 5014


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הוצאה לאור: 01/11/2021

Author/s Milan Velimirovic, Marjan Kovacevic

Pages 415 Pages

Publication Date November 1, 2021

Notation Type FAN – Figurine

Book Binding Type: Hardcover

מידע נוסף

אנטולוגיה של בעיות שחמט. "Anthology of Chess Problems" מהדורה 2. The number of chess games played so far exhausts just a small part of all the possibilities offered by the game. The factor of struggle dramatically reduces the number of positions which can actually appear on a chessboard. So a virtually infinite amount of possible positions can never be reached in a real game. It is exactly these positions that are the subject of the chess problem composers' explorations. 2345 problems: mate in 2, mate in 3, mate in 4, mate in 5. The most comprehensive anthology of Meredith (maximum 12 pieces) problems to date with detailed solutions.