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Super Staunton Wood Grain Weighted Chess Pieces 95 mm

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Total weight is about 1200gram/set

King tall 9.74CM,Base Dia.41.9CM,

Queen tall 8.31CM,Base Dia.3.95CM,

Knight tall 6.8CM,Base Dia.3.60CM,

Rook tall 6.70CM,Base Dia.3.68CM,

Bishop tall 7.39CM,Base Dia.3.71CM,

Pawn tall 5.25CM,Base Dia.3.14CM,

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It's realy high-quality chess pieces. It's really heavy chess pieces. It's really large chess pieces. The chess pieces feature detailed knights with flowing manes made from spruce-tek resin. They are extremely well weighted and feature felt bottoms. Spru-Tek is a patented resin material that simulates wood. We recommend purchasing an aluminum suitcase Model 8014 in addition to these figures. If you buy a suitcase and figures, you will receive a folding chessboard Model 3016 that fits the suitcase for free