About SlavChess

About SlavChess

Slav Chess Ltd. was founded in 1984 by Moshe Slav.

The company manufactures chess products such as, chess sets, chessboards, tools, boxes and chess tables. Our chess sets have been supplied by the International Chess Federation (FIDE) to the national federations of more than 20 countries. We also import high quality chess products such as chess clocks, chess tools and wooden chessboards, chess software, street chess, chess books in English and Russian, etc.

Slav Chess Ltd. is the official representative in Israel of the leading chess companies in the world, such as Chessbase, DGT projects, Chess Informant, Sunrise Chess, Quality Chess and more.

Our company’s only chess shop in Israel is located in the Israeli Chess Center building in Ramat Aviv, near the Israeli Chess Association’s office at 26 Tagore Street, Tel Aviv.

We are proud to be manufacturers of the Jewish chess set with elements that represent ancient Jewish symbols.

We organize various chess events in Israel and international competitions, and exclusively organize chess competitions within the framework of the Maccabiah (the international Jewish sport games).

Our products are sold to private and institutional customers, including chess clubs, schools, community centers and stores around the country.

Slav Chess Ltd. publishes chess books in Hebrew, Russian and English. We have translated into Hebrew and published the five volumes of the book “To the Greatest Predecessors” by Gary Kasparov, The Game of Kings in 2 volumes, bestseller by Aron Nimtzovich – “Systematic”, the book “Learning chess in 30 lessons”, “Riders in blue and white” – a history of Israeli and Jewish chess, an excellent book by Rabbi Ilya Smirin “Indian of the King” and more. Slav Chess Ltd. also publishes chess textbooks at all levels.