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THE GAME OF KINGS by Vladislav Shklovsky and Ram Sofer, part 2 (Hebrew)

לשחק שחמט בהנאה

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The game of kings – play chess with pleasure. Part II. The book touches on the important subject – the language of chess – and explains the method of recording the moves that enables quality reading of books and magazines on the topic of chess. Mastering this material will allow you to record your games and restore them whenever you wish. Among the other topics that appear in the book: a draw of its various types, basic endings, the goals of chess moves, attacking the king, methods of obtaining a material advantage, dealing with threats, deadlock and double threat. At the end of each chapter there are exercises. Most of them will contribute to the development of spatial thinking, creativity, imagination and aesthetic sense. It is recommended that you solve as many exercises as possible yourself

Since this is the best way to advance and acquire skill.

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After the acquaintance you made with a game of chess in the book "The Game of Kings Part I" you will surely want to acquire more in-depth knowledge. Here is the perfect beginner guide to help you win a game of chess. Diverse to win the material and deal with the threats of the opponent.The book contains many original exercises, the solution of which will help you understand the material well and develop the abilities of a chess player.