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Celebration real chess.  Book a must-read for all self respecting chess player!

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This book is the fourth in a series of five volumes dealing with the history of chess from its inception until today. The series deals with the world champions in their personal lives with reference to the period in which they acted. The series is a kind of encyclopedia of the history of chess, through which the reader can follow the development of chess art over the years.

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Another unprecedented success in Israeli reader is available here in the fourth volume of five in Hebrew. 11th chess world champion Bobby Fischer (1943 - 2008) is probably the most famous - an American boy, who devoted his whole life chess game to break the Soviet hegemony. For 24 consecutive years dominated the top representatives of the Soviet Union held the title of chess world champion, and it seemed no one could threaten them. 

The first part of this volume deals with the three "stars of the West" - Samuel Reshevsky, Miguel Najdorf and Bent Larsen - despite their great talent could not the Soviet chess machine. Then came the young Bobby Fischer, now aged 15 and signaled his intentions when qualified candidates to contest the world championship, winning the title Grand Master. Bobby spent hours studying his opponents and theoretical preparations, thus ahead of his time in several years. He was also the first professional chess properly demanded payment in exchange for hard work, and thus laid the foundations for today's professional chess.

Bobby was known as uncompromising in his quest for victory.Also promising his winning in competition he went on to fight in every game to win. In 1971, he managed to defeat one after the other two World Chess grants, Taimanov and Larsen, the astonishing result 0:6. This is an amazing achievement that is unmatched in the history of chess today. 

Bobby continued in his storm on World crown, and finally captured it after a famous victory over Boris Spassky in 1972. Then suddenly resigned and turned up more chess tournaments. This book analyzes not only Gary Kasparov chess masterpieces of Fischer, but also the special circumstances of his life and personality comes out - side.