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“The “Giant” Folding Wooden Chess Table with Chessmen 99 x 88 x 10 cm

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A second hand chess table, was used

King’s height: 18 cm

King’s base: 8 cm

King’s weight: 104 grams

Wool cloth at the bottom of each chess piece

Every piece is lacquered

White pieces: natural oak wood.

Black pieces: oak wood painted black.

Folding wooden board/box: 98x88x5 cm in the open state and 98x44x10 cm in the closed state.

4 wooden legs with screws to connect to the board.

Table height: 90 cm.

Made in the former USSR about 50 years ago

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The "Giant" chess set was produced almost 50 years ago in the USSR and has survived in a single version. This Set consists of a wooden folding chessboard measuring 99 x 88 cm when open and 98 x 44 when closed and extra large handmade wooden lacquered chess pieces with a king size of 18 cm. Wooden threaded legs are attached to the board, turning this set into a chess table that can be used for playing and learning chess or as a historical piece.