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High-Quality Classical Magnetic Plastic Chess Set with wood colors

ערכה קטנה ומהנה שנכנסת בקלות לכיס

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High-Quality plastic mold makes very nice quality of chess pieces and plastic box. King Height 45 mm.  Board Size 22x11x4 cm.

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The Travel Chess Set is a fun little set that easily fits in a pocket. It has a snap-closed plastic box with plastic hinges.
1. Hight-Quality plastic chess mold.
2. Good plastic materials of Magnetic chess pieces with felts.
3. The chess board features algebraic notation on all sides and is made of durable plastic.
4. Colors of Chess pieces and chess board:  Classical wood colors (Natural wood color+dark).
5. Very nice chess design. 6. Magnetic Chess pieces and Folding chess board for easy carrying by traveling