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MY GREAT PREDECESSORS by Gary Kasparov (book 2) Hebrew

Book a must for any self-respecting chess player.

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After unprecedented success in the world, served here in the Israeli reader the second volume of the five in Hebrew. This book continues the series that encompasses the entire history of chess, from its inception to the present, focusing on world champions. The author – Gary Kasparov – studied each game in depth using the latest computer programs. He looks at famous classic games from the perspective of the 21st century and creates many unexpected analytical discoveries.

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The Hebrew edition is based on the latest version published by Kasparov and includes many new chess analyzes that are not available in the Russian and English editions of this book.  This volume deals with  the lives of four grants of chess,  their games. It combines a thorough analysis with many chess master historical details spicy. The first chapter is about Max Euwe, math teacher from Holland struck the great Alexander Alekhine, and later became president of the International Chess Federation. The second chapter is devoted to Michael Botvinnik, the patriarch of Soviet chess, the world's leading player for the forties and fifties of the 20th century. Botvinnik was Kasparov's teacher for many years, the student brings here some amazing personal stories. The third chapter focus of Vasily Smyslov, Botvinnik's main rival. Finally, a genius tricks, magician Jew from Riga, Mikhail Tal. And if not enough, there are sub-chapters on Paul Kress, David Bronstein, Efim Geller, three great chess players who have not  been world champions but have contributed to the development of chess.