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Volume 1 contains a comprehensive review of the biographies of the first world chess champions: Wilhelm Steinitz, Emanuel Lasker, Jose Raul Cafabelaneka, Alexander Alekhine and chess huge other contemporaries.

478  pages

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This book is the first in a series of five volumes dealing with the history of chess from its inception until today. The series deals with the world champions in their personal lives with reference to the period in which they acted. The series is a kind of encyclopedia of the history of chess, through which the reader can follow the development of chess art over the years. . Garry Kasparov donor from his analytical experience and analyzes their best games with help of advanced computer programs in the 21st century. Writing a series is an unprecedented event in global chess literature. Series published in Hebrew is a feast for lovers of chess in Israel. The first volume in a series translated into English, Spanish, German, Italian and now also Hebrew, and won