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This book continues a series spanning the entire history of chess, from its inception to the present day, with a focus on the world’s biggest players. The author – Gary Kasparov – studied each game in depth using the latest computer programs. He looks at famous classic games from the perspective of the 21st century and creates many unexpected analytical discoveries.

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The Hebrew edition of this book is based on the latest version published by Kasparov and includes many new chess analyzes that are not available in the Russian and English editions of this book. The current volume deals with  two world champions who were crowned in the sixties of the 20 century: Tigran Petrosyan, the master of defense and the man who finally took the crown from Botvinnik, and Boris Spassky, the successor to Petrosyan, who became famous after Bobby Fischer deprived his crowns in 1972. Kasparov shows the highlights of the careers of each of them, analyzes the style and depth of their play. The reader will also find an overview of the games of four other major players of their time who were honored to be among the world champions: Gligorich, Polugaevsky, Portisch and Stein. While the previous volume dealt mainly with the fifties, this volume describes the sixties, before the meteoric rise of Bobby Fischer, who is the hero of the fourth volume.