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How Well Do I Play Chess. Semi-Open Games. By Vsevolod Kostrov

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88 pages, paperback, Chess Stars, 1. edition 2007

From the series »How Well Do I Play Chess«

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Book "How Well Do I Play Chess. Semi-Open Games". By Vsevolod Kostrov (English) The books "Open Games", "Semi-Open Games", and "Gambits", have been printed in more than 50,000 copies in Russia. The author - Vsevolod Kostrov from St. Petersburg - has been coaching young talents for 20 years. Whole generations of Russian players have grown up on his books. "Children often ask their coaches, or their parents "How well do I play chess?" We will help young players answer that question themselves, and we will improve their level of play in the process." That is the point of Kostrov´s books - he teaches by involving the element of competition. A chess set, a pen and sheet of paper - that's all the reader needs to measure his chess strength against the Russian standards, and learn basic opening theory at the same time.