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“King’s Indian Warfare” by Ilya Smirin (HEBREW)

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“King’s Indian Warfare” by Ilya Smirin (HEBREW)

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The King’s Indian player is a fighter, a tactical player who doesn’t appear at the board for a quick draw. In other words, the black player is ready for some warfare over the board. This opening is simply warfare, as the title indicates. The book is a highly personal publication from Ilya Smirin about his approach to the King’s Indian, containing his games and his tips and tricks, as well as personal advices how to approach games and how to handle certain situations. Smirin is an extremely attacking player and that’s why he started playing the KID in the first place. He fell in love with the opening and it became a lifelong partner, fitting perfectly his style and repertoire. His games against world champions and other very strong (usually) 1. d4-players are the core of the book, not forgetting about the main theoretical lines. Ilya Smirin is a very experienced Belarussian/Israeli Grandmaster.