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Weighted Plastic Chess Set 95 mm, with silicon board in cardboard box

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Color of tools: white/black

The height of the king is 95 mm

King base: 35 mm

King weight:54 grams

A chess piece with added weight

Set includes a white-brown silicone chess board.

Board dimensions: 1*500*500 mm

Square size:53 mm

Set Weight: 1500 grams

Set dimensions: 50*7*14 cm

The set consists of 32 pieces (2 queens)

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Chess Set consists of  weighted plastic chessmen 95 mm , PVC chessboard and cardboard box. The High-Quality Chess Pieces are Natural and Black with green felt padding on the bottom for traction. Get the durability of impact resistant plastic along with the classic look.Set includes 490 mm PVC Chess Board. Packed in a Carton Box. Two black and two white Queens. Weighted chess pieces are much more stable than unweighted ones and are suitable for blitz. Tools designed in "Staunton" style. Staunton is a special design for a set of chess pieces that was created in the middle of the 19th century and is now considered standard (classic). The designer of the kit is considered to be Nathaniel Cook. Staunton sets are recommended for competitions organized by FIDE. The shape of the pieces are named after the English chess player Howard Staunton, who was considered the strongest chess player in the world in the 1840s. One of the unique features of such figures is the square on a bishop This tournament 50 x 50 cm board is made of silicon. The board is rolled-up so as to be easy to carry. The tournament chess board has a square size of 53 mm and it is ideal for our larger chessmen with a King height of 95-105mm. The squares have been printed in brown. This board is available with alphanumeric notation only.