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Wooden 16″ (40 x 40 cm) self storage folding chess set

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King height: 80 mm

King base: 28 mm

King weight: 23 grams

Black magnetic chess pieces are made of Sheesham and white pieces are made of Boxwood

Folding Board made of Indian rosewood without numbers and letters

Dimensions of the board in the closed state: 200 * 400 * 60 mm

Weight: 1800 grams

The set consists of 32 chess pieces (2 queens)

Made in India

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Wooden 16"  (40 x 40 cm) self storage folding (non magnetic) chess set. The set measuring 40 x 20 cm (when closed) with black chess pieces made of Sheesham wood and white pieces made of Boxwood. The inlaid chessboard of this set is made in a special process from Indian rosewood. Varnished chessmen. Each chess piece has a green colored felt attached at the bottom. Glossy lacquer finish. These chess sets are made of high-quality, expensive wood. High-quality chess tools and boards are produced in the homeland of chess - India. A unique feature from other types of tools and chessboards is that they are made by excellent materials – boxwood, sheesham or rosewood and using handwork. Tools designed in "Staunton" style. Staunton is a special design for a set of chess pieces that was created in the middle of the 19th century and is now considered standard (classic). The designer of the kit is considered to be Nathaniel Cook. Staunton sets are recommended for competitions organized by FIDE. The shape of the pieces are named after the English chess player Howard Staunton, who was considered the strongest chess player in the world in the 1840s. One of the unique features of such chess pieces is the square on a bishop