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Wooden Chessmen Set, Standard Staunton 95 mm

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Boxwood and Sheesham Chessmen Set, Standard Staunton 95 mm (No 5) weighted in plastic box w/o board

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These beautiful chess pieces are a great addition to any chess pieces collection or entry-level wood chess sets. The pieces are specifically designed to offer a solid, durable style that can stand up to abuse without breaking. They are designed with a simple but traditional style . Light pieces are made from light boxwood, and dark pieces are made from sheesham. Each set features a full 32 pieces - no extra queens included. These pieces are weighted. Chess Board not included. In plastic chess box. The same chessmen in wooden box - Cat.No 4045 Specifications 3 3/4" (95 mm) King Height 1 3/8" (37 mm) King Base 51g King Weight POS: K3