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Donation campaign – Iron Swords
Slav Chess joins the thousands of people and businesses in an
effort to contribute and help the evacuees of the settlements in
the Gaza settlements and in the north!
Thousands of families were evacuated from their homes in the
settlements around Gaza and in the north of Israel.
Many children and their parents are now in hotels,
guesthouses and temporary apartments for an unknown
With the aim of helping children and their parents and giving,
them back a minimal sense of routine, Slav Chess is launching a
unique donation campaign.
As part of this campaign, every product purchased from the
"Iron Swords" category on our website will be donated to
associations and organizations that help the evacuees of the
settlements in the Gaza settlements and the north of Israel.
The products in this category is sold at a discount and at a cost
of up to 50% of their original price. Any person interested in
donating products to the evacuees of the settlements will pay
up to 50% of the cost of the product only, while Slav Chess
Company will cover the rest of the expenses.
We at Slav Chess will make sure to hand over the purchased
products for donation and make sure they reach the families of
the evacuees.
Thank you very much for your contribution!
Slav Chess